This is a review of the LZ Big Dipper (BD) IEM’s. First I’d like to thank LZ for sending me […]

LZ Big Dipper

Build Quality and Design The Tinaudio T2 are a dual dynamic earphone with a detachable MMCX cable. The build quality […]

Tinaudio T2

Design and Build Quality Shame to start off with a bit of a moan but probably best to get it out […]


Tiny, very solidly built and comfortable; with deep insertion isolation is good. I’m somewhat conflicted overall on these—they’re capable of […]

Echobox Finder X1

Dirt -Alice in Chains I don’t revere suicides and junkiedom, and this sorta-metal isn’t my usual genre, but I have […]

Early December Picks

While retaining the estimable clarity of the much-praised B3 the B3S is tuned quite differently–more forward, bassier, louder and less […]

Bosshifi B3S

1981-1984- The Neats Boston band played a garagey folkrock  sorta reminiscent of the Feelies or Kiwi bands like the Clean, with […]

November Picks 2

Focal Sphear—warm, refined and very natural-sounding IEM from the high-end French speaker maker. Solidly (if not lavishly) built and easy […]

Focal Sphear

Build Quality and Design The Brainwavz Jive are a simple teardrop shaped IEM with a straight metal nozzle. They appear […]

Brainwavz Jive

Brief Conclusion I’ve only had a very brief listen to the ASY Coil Iron Hybrid, that initial impression was fairly […]

ASY Coil Iron Hybrid

Thinksound TS02—light, very comfortable and easy-to-drive woody; isolation is below average because of vented shells.  Tonality is warm and syrupy, […]

Thinksound TS-02

Build Quality and Design The PMH Hybrid are a single dynamic, single BA earphone. The earpieces are constructed from metal […]

PMH Hybrid

Happy Trails – Quicksilver Messenger Service Basically two side-long, brain-frying versions of Bo Diddley songs, this 1969 record still sounds timeless. […]

November Part 1

Klipsch X11i—featherweight, extremely comfortable BA with very good isolation; however fragile-looking cable is extremely microphonic. Signature is warm, laid-back and […]

Klipsch X11i

Build Quality and Design The BVGP DM5 have been flavour of the month for quite some time on Headfi, they’re […]


Brief Conclusion The Schuder LV10 are a dual dynamic earphone. The design is generic with metal earpieces and a flat […]


Blackstar -David Bowie I’ve largely ignored his post-1978 work, which generally seemed to be struggling for relevance, but this final […]

Last October Picks

Philips SHE-3590–before the Chifi onslaught, these were a go-to cheapo, and if they looked less like dollar store buds they’d still […]

Philips SHE-3590

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear—very V-shaped, with deep (but not overbearing), well-etched bass, scooped out mids which highlight vocals, and prominent, smoothish […]

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear

Brief Conclusion Well, I’ve been waiting to get hold of these for sometime but as it turns out they’re a […]

Gorsun C7

RHA MA750i—Upgraded for  superior build quality, design and packaging, though these just make the cut sonically. Comfortable despite the heavy […]

RHA MA-750