About Us

Provocative Ear

With most western brand earphones being made in China, it should come as no surprise that the Chinese have assimilated this expertise in building for others and are now producing their own models aimed primarily at their home market. The aim of this website is to provide reviews of earphones and other audio equipment such as Digital Audio Players and DACs both from China and mainstream western brands such as Sennheiser and AKG to show how they compare for value and ability.

Although we started out as a one man band I’m happy to say that this website will now feature the views and opinions of more than one reviewer. There will be contributions from three Headfiers – Vidal, Peter123 and Loomisjohnson.

Budget IEM Reviews

These reviews are produced out by Headfier Vidal with occasional contributions from our other reviewers, they are designed to be concise and to the point. This allows us to cover as many different entry level models as our finances allow as the Chinese budget IEM market is prolific. The scores are comparative across all the budget earphones we’ve tested to date. As they are comparative we may from time to time revisit an earphones particular score and make changes to taking into account new additions. Earphones that fail to meet an acceptable standard will not be reviewed fully but we’ll share our thoughts so you can avoid them.

Premium Audio Reviews

These reviews are carried out by Headfier Peter123 with occasional contributions from our other reviewers. In comparison to the budget reviews these reviews will be far more detailed to assist your decision making, important when making a larger investment. The reviews will include photos and comparisons to other selected audio equipment along with detailed specifications provided by the manufacturer.