ASY Coil Iron Hybrid

Brief Conclusion

I’ve only had a very brief listen to the ASY Coil Iron Hybrid, that initial impression was fairly impressive. So why no review? Simply put, the right earphone arrived with a cable socket that was a little loose, that was a sign that something wasn’t quite right. On removing the earpiece from my ear the shell came apart leaving the cable socket hanging free. These things happen sometimes and usually a message to the seller means a replacement is on the way. However the seller (ShenZhen-C2F Franchise Store) is of the opinion that I broke the earphone myself so that I could request a single right earpiece replacement (eh?).

My verdict is that whilst the ASY Coil Iron are an interesting earphone in terms of sound (from that initial listen) the quality doesn’t appear to be there and the seller isn’t one who treats customers the way he should. At the moment one to avoid. I’ll update the review if anything changes.