BossHiFi B3

Build Quality and Design

The BossHiFi B3 are absolutely gorgeous to look at, the finish on these earphones is amongst the best I’ve seen. The choice of ebony wood and bronze anodised metal just looks fantastic. The earphones themselves feel very well made whilst the cable is similar to the KZ cable used on the black coloured ED9s. In the box you get a heap of accessories like a case, jack plug and oddly a rubber keyring.

Sound Quality and Overall Rating

Unlike the VJJB K4S the sound of the B3s lives up to the fantastic looks, they have exceptional clarity and the sound is perfectly balanced. The treble is sharp but not harsh and there’s no noticeable sibilance. The bass  is well judged it can hit low and hard enough when required without overpowering the higher frequencies. Only a slightly more intimate soundstage stop these from beating my beloved Ty HiZ G3s but they’re equal in terms of preference.

Aproear Overall Rating 9.5

Second Opinion by Loomisjohnson

Bosshifi B3— bright (tho not spiky), highly detailed and midcentric, with a more balanced signature and less enhanced bass than most hybrids in this class. Very similar to the Vivo XE800 in the sense of having great clarity, extended transparent high end and etched but somewhat thin bass, altho deep insertion/narrower tips increase low end presence. Soundstage is about average—they’re fairly intimate sounding—with good instrument separation; male voices and acoustic music are especially well presented, although they lack the low end oomph for heavy fare. Comfortable, with excellent isolation; very refined overall.