Brainwavz Jive

Build Quality and Design

The Brainwavz Jive are a simple teardrop shaped IEM with a straight metal nozzle. They appear to be produced in a variety of colours but my test pair are a metallic jade green that’s attractive. The driver is a single dynamic, no fancy multi-drivers here. The cable features an inline control which features iphone compatible volume controls, the cable is robust and yet free relatively free from microphonics. The Jive come with a branded carry case that’s about 3 times the size needed for such compact earphones.

Sound Quality and Overall Rating

The sound is on the brighter side of balanced which is ideal for me. This model has been around for a while and is already highly regarded for the price, I can see why. The bass is fast and punchy with no hint of bloat and adds just the right amount of warmth to vocals and strings. The mids are perfectly judged in comparison to the bass, whilst treble is bright and crisp without any hint of sibilance. These really are a delight in terms of their tuning – take note BVGP. Despite their age and price these are an excellent choice and I’m a bit sorry I’ve overlooked these in the past, it goes to show what can be done on a budget with just a single driver arrangement. Love em!

Aproear Overall Rating 9.4