Build Quality and Design

The BVGP DM5 have been flavour of the month for quite some time on Headfi, they’re a dual dynamic, dual BA hybrid so they share the same configuration as the KZ ZS5. You certainly get your money worth in terms of accessories with two rather excellent MMCX cables, one black with mic and one silver without. The black cable also features a ‘memory portion’ of extra plastic sheath which I assume can be heated and shaped to fit your ear. The earpieces themselves are very hefty, they have a nice finish to them and feature prominent vents that resemble the vents found on some sports cars.

Sound Quality and Overall Rating

Sonically DM5 are a mixed bag, they’re dominated by powerful sub bass meaning that if the music you’re listening to has a low frequency portion then this will be emphasised (a hell of a lot). I listen to a lot of acoustic and singer/songwriter type stuff and the DM5 are just not suited to this type of music as their presentation ruins the balance of the track. Subtle drums suddenly become a dominate force and the vocals and guitar which should be the most prominent elements are somewhat lost in the mix. The DM5 are better suited to electronic music but even there they can be too rumble thumpy.

Finding a track without too much low frequency sound shows a different side to the DM5, the mids whilst a little thin are smooth and well presented and that impression extends into the treble. The treble is never harsh or overblown but it also has enough power to stand up to the lower frequency onslaught something that the subtle mid range can’t do. Clarity is exceptional as you’d expect at this price point but the imaging qualities of the DM5 fall far behind similar and even lower priced earphones.┬áIt’s possible to improve the sound signature of the DM5 with EQ but why bother when there are better earphones available for less, they’re not awful just a bit flawed.

Aproear Overall Rating 8.6