Abridged Reviews

A selection of short and to the point reviews by Loomis

While retaining the estimable clarity of the much-praised B3 the B3S is tuned quite differently–more forward, bassier, louder and less […]

Bosshifi B3S

Focal Sphear—warm, refined and very natural-sounding IEM from the high-end French speaker maker. Solidly (if not lavishly) built and easy […]

Focal Sphear

Thinksound TS02—light, very comfortable and easy-to-drive woody; isolation is below average because of vented shells.  Tonality is warm and syrupy, […]

Thinksound TS-02

Klipsch X11i—featherweight, extremely comfortable BA with very good isolation; however fragile-looking cable is extremely microphonic. Signature is warm, laid-back and […]

Klipsch X11i

RHA MA750i—Upgraded for  superior build quality, design and packaging, though these just make the cut sonically. Comfortable despite the heavy […]

RHA MA-750

RBH EP-2—very nicely built, comfortable dynamic with outstanding isolation. A classic “consumer” tuning, with substantially enhanced but well-controlled, musical subbass […]


TFZ Series 5—an aggressive L-shaped DD dominated by boosted, rumbling  subbass. These are the opposite of a neutral stage monitor– […]

TFZ Series 5

PIONEER SE-CH9T—highly touted dynamic which capably walks the tricky line between being reference-revealing and consumer-fun. Comfortable, with good isolation; build […]

Pioneer SE-CH9T

MusicMaker TK-13— a more refined,  less brutally forceful update of the giant-sounding TK-12; slightly warmer and more V-shaped with palpably […]

MusicMaker TK-13

MusicMaker TW1—aesthetically pleasing, comfortable little microdriver whose signature is highly dependent on source and tips—bass, in particular can sound either […]

MusicMaker TW1

MusicMaker TK-12—bawdy multi driver with a huge 3D soundstage and great clarity; absolutely massive sounding while remaining quite true to […]

Musicmaker TK12

Vsonic VSD1S-well built and comfortable; these are a warmish  gentle V-shaped which (at least from memory) remind me overall of […]

Vsonic VSD1S

DQSM D2 — banned on HeadFi for reasons I’ve never quite fathomed (or cared about), these closely approximate the big, […]


JVC FXT90 – (since sold)—I never quite got a handle on these; they’re certainly energetic, exciting and rich sounding, but […]


Simgot EN700 Bass – lavishly packaged and beautifully built, albeit with a super-tangly (though ergonomic and microphonic-free) memory cable. Tonality […]

Simgot EN700 Bass

KZ ED10—solidly built, esp. for the price, with good isolation and fit, though the metal casings are very heavy. Soundwise, […]


The “premium” throw-ins for Samsung phones; well built (if a tad plasticy), though fit is a bit finicky. V-shaped and […]

AKG for S8

Energetic, bright microdriver notable for its wide and immersive stage and very good instrument separation. Sonically V-shaped; somewhat enhanced bass […]


ReMax RM600—loud. Very loud. Also very bright (possibly overbright), though very clear throughout the spectrum. The high end is extremely […]

ReMax RM 600

Kinera BAM03—this virtually unknown, un-remarked upon model  has  the virtues and vices you’d expect from a double BA. Loud, very […]

Kinera BAM03