Budget IEM

Vidal’s Budget IEM Reviews – scored and tabulated

Build Quality and Design The Brainwavz Jive are a simple teardrop shaped IEM with a straight metal nozzle. They appear […]

Brainwavz Jive

Build Quality and Design The PMH Hybrid are a single dynamic, single BA earphone. The earpieces are constructed from metal […]

PMH Hybrid

Build Quality and Design The BVGP DM5 have been flavour of the month for quite some time on Headfi, they’re […]


Build Quality and Design The Tinaudio T2 are a dual dynamic earphone with a detachable MMCX cable. The build quality […]

Tinaudio T2

Brief Conclusion The Schuder LV10 are a dual dynamic earphone. The design is generic with metal earpieces and a flat […]


Brief Conclusion Well, I’ve been waiting to get hold of these for sometime but as it turns out they’re a […]

Gorsun C7

A trip home at the weekend meant I was able to borrow these earphones back in order to give them […]

Swing IE800

Brief Conclusion The Baseus H04 are a fairly well made earphone. The earpieces themselves are half metal, half plastic with […]

Baseus H04

First of all a bit of an explanation, the Moni One are not what we’d class as a budget earphone, […]

Moni One

Build Quality and Design The UiiSii T8S are a dual dynamic, single BA hybrid. They’re constructed from high quality plastic […]

UiiSii T8S

I Valux Bette (10 mm)—an upgraded version of the venerable 8mm Bette. Generic looking but very good sounding—forward, sparkly and […]

i.Valux Bette 10mm

Design and Build Quality So KZ decided that their plastic Campfire copy wasn’t quite close enough to the original and […]


Build Quality and Design The MR1s are a metal bodies earphone that has two interchangeable filters that offer a full […]


The PMV A01 mk2 has already been reviewed by Peter here, recently the price has recently dropped enough to allow […]

PMV A01 mk2

Brief Conclusion The Senzer H2 is a replacement for the well regarded H1 that was released about 12 month ago. Like […]

Senzer H2

The KZ ES3 are currently exclusive to Gearbest. Build Quality and Design The build quality of the ES3 is pretty […]


Build Quality and Design The KZ ED3 Youth Edition are a metal bodied earphone with a brightly coloured metal shell. […]

KZ ED3 Acme