Daono D21 – revised

Build Quality and Design

The Daono D21 are a budget earphone that use a 5mm microdriver (not a Balanced Armature). They have a metal body, a cloth covered cable with in line mic and single control button. There’s also a slider volume control but as with all of these the adjustment level is difficult to get right. The cable suffers from microphonics but if you wear these over ear it’s reduced substantially. The supplied eartips (one pair) didn’t work for me so expect to have to replace these.

Sound Quality and Overall Rating

Whilst the D21 have little to no subbass, typical for a microdriver, they do have enough fast mid-bass to stop them from sounding echoey and cold.  There is an strong emphasis on upper mids and treble meaning these work well with vocal tracks. I found that applying a tiny tweak with the graphic equalizer profile to boost the lower frequencies turn these into rock gods. Where the D21 really stand out is the clarity that they offer, it’s exceptional for this price and there’s a surprisingly generous soundstage with decent imaging. The Daono D21 aren’t the easiest to drive and need a fairly powerful device to get up to a decent listening volume. I found that I needed 90% – 100% on my iPhone and 45% – 55% with the Cozoy Aegis.

Caveats aside I found the D21 to be an interesting listen, one for the earphone collector rather than an all-rounder.

Aproear Overall Rating 8.3