DQSM D2 — banned on HeadFi for reasons I’ve never quite fathomed (or cared about), these closely approximate the big, substantial presentation of the AKG 3003. Fit is a bit tricky; a tad heavy, though comfort and isolation are good. Soundstage isn’t super-wide, but very immersive, with fantastic stereo separation and imaging—a viscerally exciting listen. Tonality is juicy; neither warm nor bright, and note texture is full-bodied. Slightly U-shaped signature, with deep, weighty bass (bordering on basshead territory) which is well controlled and fast; very clear, slightly pushed-back but still rich mids and well-extended  treble which strikes the trick balance between being very detailed but not over-analytical or clinical-sounding. With their slightly hyped-up quality, these have less  “refinement” (in the sense of having crystalline clarity”) and more coloration, but also more drive and energy than the more reference-tuned high end IEMs. Pricier than most on this list, but worth it.