Build Quality and Design

The DZAT DF-10 are unique, the earpieces themselves are made almost entirely from wood which is then given a varnished finish. The detailing on these from the DZAT logo on the top to the gold colour mesh at the back of the earphone is exquisite. They are a joy to look at. After the excitement of the earpieces the cable is a bit of a let down, it’s a very well made part cloth cover affair with in-line mic, no design flourishes here.

Sound Quality and Overall Rating

The DF-10 sound is warm, with full bass and decent mids. Treble is clear without any hint of harshness. The DF-10 make listening to tracks with real drums an absolute joy, they absolutely thrive with bands like the Kings of Leon. Clarity and soundstage are above average. If you’re looking for a pair of earphones that’ll stand out in a collection both sonically and aesthetically these should be top of your list.

Aproear Overall Rating 8.6

Second Opinion by Headfier Loomis Johnson

DZAT DF-10—very well built, comfortable and rich-feeling, with a very wide 3D soundstage. Unimpressive at low volumes; give ‘em some juice and they really open up. My ideal, V-shaped sound, with a lot of low end, somewhat recessed mids and natural sounding, if not super-extended highs; drums sound esp. real. A real “woodsy” character, in the sense of being slightly warm, open and airy. Imaging isn’t great in the sense that the precise position of instruments can be hard to discern. I like these much better that the VJJB K4, which has a similar character but less clarity due to excessive warmth. Isolation isn’t good due to vented shell and thus not great for on-the-go.