Echobox Finder X1

Tiny, very solidly built and comfortable; with deep insertion isolation is good. I’m somewhat conflicted overall on these—they’re capable of exceptional clarity but are very tip, fit and source sensitive, somewhat hard to drive and can sound thin and/or metallic without optimal pairing. Amped and with the silver filters, these are mildly v-shaped and quite bright; soundstage is nicely rounded and fairly spacious, with more height than width; instruments are uncongested, if not widely separated. Note texture is crisp and lean overall; bass is very accurate, impactful and goes moderately deep without bloat. Midbass and mids are cleanly-rendered but a little thinner and less prominent than the rest, while highs are pushed forward, with considerable energy and sparkle; they’re very extended and transparent, although they can sound a bit clinical and over-fussy on certain material—treble-sensitive listeners should definitely look elsewhere. Male voices and acoustic guitars are in general well presented and despite the bias towards treble the different frequencies are coherent overall. Comparably positioned  dynamics like the Pioneer and Simgot sound less detailed but tonally  bigger and thicker, especially in the mid region, while the Focal Sphear are warmer and richer, though less revealing and energetic. If you have a powerful enough source, the Finder works very well as a daily driver and, in its own treble-forward way, plays very capably in its tier.