Einsear T2

Build Quality and Design

The Einsear T2 are far from revolutionary in terms of design, the earpieces themselves are made from plastic with a outer aluminium shell. The cable is covered with woven fabric, yet doesn’t suffer any noticeable microphonics. The inline mic is has a single button and is very compact and even though it has a delicate feel, mine has shown no signs of wear or tear despite a lot of use.

The overall feel is that of a well made yet uninspiring earphones.

Sound Quality and Overall Verdict

In terms of sound the Einsear T2 do nothing wrong and pretty much everything right, they deliver a sound that will appeal to the majority of people. These aren’t analytical monitors so if that’s your thing then look away now. They have deep subbass. The midbass is well judged and supplies just the right amount of warmth to the mids without overpowering them with boominess. Treble is sharp and clear without any hint of harshness. Clarity is excellent and the sound stage is wide and detailed.

Simply put these are brilliant!

Overall Rating 9.4

A Second Opinion by HeadFier Loomisjohnson

Einsear T2—yet another low-profile, cheap gem. A very refined tuning; general balanced, with slightly enhanced, generally well controlled bass which shows some subbass rumble, and crisp, detailed high end without peakiness or sibilance. Tonally near-neutral; these resemble the Urbanfun, with perhaps a touch more warmth; the Urbanfun does do a better job with voices, but overall resolution and clarity is still very good. Soundstage seems about average; instruments are nicely separated. Build quality is impressive for the price, though the cloth cable is very microphonic, and they’re somewhat inefficient; comfort is good. Many less obsessive folks would have trouble justifying spending more once they hear these.