Final Audio Design Heaven III

FINAL AUDIO DESIGN HEAVEN III (Massdrop verion of IV)— well-tuned single BA;  balanced and fairly warm, but not lacking in drive. Bass is “audiophile”—quick, well defined, with subtle but palpable subbass presence, though not seismic or thick-textured. Mids are emphasized forward and clear; treble is smooth, non-sibilant and extends well, though less detailed than expected—these seem optimized for extended, non-fatiguing listening rather than for maximum transparency, which makes them good for lower-quality files. Their limitations are inherent in the single BA design—they lack the visceral punch of good dynamics and can sound a bit congested on complex materials, perhaps because the prominent midrange can overshadow the highs.   Soundstage isn’t massive, but is enveloping and with good height, and instrument placement is excellent. Long tubular shells provide for deep insertion and good isolation; easy to drive and comfortable; flat cable seems frail but is non-microphonic.