i.Valux Bette 10mm

I Valux Bette (10 mm)—an upgraded version of the venerable 8mm Bette. Generic looking but very good sounding—forward, sparkly and gently U-shaped, with punchy, quick bass, clear detailed mids which really showcase electric guitars, and well-extended accurate high end. Instruments are cleanly separated over a fairly wide stage and top-to-bottom coherence is excellent. Tonality is neutral-to-slightly bright, quite reminiscent of the very similar looking {perhaps related?} HLSX 808, though note texture is a bit thicker on the Bette. The Bette is a little more colored and less transparent-sounding than the godlike Urbanfun, though they’re very close in quality. These sound best at higher volumes, tho they’re not hard to drive.

In general these are a do-no-wrong, easily-recommendable phone; my only hesitancy would be that (arguably even better) hybrids like said Urbanfun or E-MI are now available for less dough.