Klipsch X11i

Klipsch X11i—featherweight, extremely comfortable BA with very good isolation; however fragile-looking cable is extremely microphonic. Signature is warm, laid-back and bass-emphasized;. subbass is thick and quite deep, with surprising rumble, though quite slow in attack and decay–there’s discernible bloat which slightly overshadows the midbass. Mids are forward and rich  (female voices sound esp. pleasant), while high end is  rolled off and  soft (albeit pleasingly so); drums and keyboards lack some snap but retain a natural quality. Soundstage seems fairly narrow but has good height and imaging is quite accurate; they do have an immersive quality. In general, these seem to prioritize smoothness over more a more revealing, clinical presentation, which works well for lower-quality files. Their original $349 SRP is insane, but at current street prices as low as $70 they’re  a good purchase for the treble-averse and/or those who like the tiny form factor.