Build Quality and Design

The EDR2 have a simple tubular design which is made from what appears to be aluminium. The ends have a grille which is purely for show. The cable exit has a pronounced plastic strain relief whilst the cable itself is a standard KZ sticky rubber affair. These are available with or without a microphone.

Sound Quality and Overall Rating

These old school KZ earphones demonstrate why the brand has such a following. These are a very balanced earphone, right across the frequencies these are perfectly judged. They’re only slightly held back by average clarity but considering the price these are outstanding.

Aproear Overall Rating 8.0

Second Opinion by Headfier Loomisjohnson

KZ EDR2—ridiculously good value for five bucks, with impressive-at-any-price driver coherence, imaging and stereo separation across a surprisingly deep stage. Physically identical to the EDSE, but tuned differently, with a more balanced, airier and less aggressive signature. Bass is well articulated but fairly subdued and lacking deep impact; mids clear and clean, while treble is a bit grainy, but quite natural and presents pretty good detail. Like the best KZs, these do a very good job with drums and acoustic instruments, tho the beefier ZS3 or ED10 are more suitable for louder fare. Not, of course, having heard all the players in the $5 class I’d opine that these are as good as you can get for a pittance.