Design and Build Quality

The LZ A2S are built like a tank, the cable is a soft plastic covered twisted pair that is highly flexible and doesn’t seem to have too much microphonics. The overall finish is excellent. However, my main gripe with these relates to their physical dimensions, they are both heavy and overly long so have a tendency to pull down on the ears.

Sound Quality and Overall Rating

The LZ A2S are a smooth sounding hybrid that avoids the overly harsh treble that you sometimes get with some hybrids. Personally I actually prefer a little bit more heat in the treble than these provide, but I can see the appeal in these if you’re treble sensitive. The bass is very well judged and it doesn’t overpower the mids in any way. Soundstage is slightly above average but imaging and separation is very good despite the lack of treble.

Aproear Overall Rating 7.8

Second Opinion by Headfier Loomisjohnson

LZ A2S – out of the box not nearly as good as advertised, mainly because their relaxed, L-shaped smooth signature isn’t my favorite. After burn-in, however, I’ve really warmed up to these; in particular the bass here is as good as it gets—natural, controlled and beautifully articulated. Treble is also quite detailed but slightly rolled off/recessed and could stand more drive and emphasis. Soundstage is above average and instrument separation is good. Isolation is excellent. Where these really excel is with presenting lower-quality recordings—ordinary MP3 files sound very good. These would have been a top-tier IEM with just a tad less warmth and more treble energy; the cheaper BK50 does the same basic signature with a better treble extension/resolution.