Magaosi BK50

Build Quality and Design

The BK50 are constructed of wood, metal and plastic and whilst the design is eye catching the build quality is a bit of a let down. The wood trim finish can be uneven, a little more attention to detail and these would have a real premium feel. The BK50s are fairly lightweight but they are surprisingly bulky. The cable is free from microphonics and uses a inline mic with three button control that works with iPhone.

Sound Quality and Overall Rating

In terms of sound quality the BK50 are considered by many to be the best Chinese earphones for under $50. I personally don’t like them, they are too warm and have an emphasis in the 7KHz region that is not to my taste. If you like a warmer sounding IEM these would make an excellent choice as clarity and soundstage are beyond reproach.

Aproear Overall Rating 8.6

Second Opinion by Headfier Loomisjohnson

HLSX (Magaosi) BK50—very well-made, with good isolation, though microphonics are significant. More V-shaped, warmer and slightly less forward overall than the BK-35, with even more (well-controlled) subbass. These have the unusual quality of being very smooth-sounding without sacrificing microdetail. Big soundstage is wider than it is deep, and instrument placement is accurate. Overall character is refined (though not sterile/analytical like many more neutral top-tier phones), without sibilance or peaky highs; not as revealing as some other top-tier players, but they give up nothing in listenability. Like the LZ A2S, these sound excellent with lower-quality sources. Angled drivers make fit a problem.