Magaosi K3 HD

MAGAOSI K3 HD—open and airy; similar in presentation to the Fidue A73, albeit with less lowend emphasis and a slightly narrower, though still immersive soundstage. With the preferred silver filters (the gunmetal ones seem to overemphasize the highs), these are tonally neutral (veering to warm) and generally balanced; bass isn’t seismically deep but well controlled, fast and “musical”; mids are unrecessed, clear and rich. Treble is pushed slightly forward and (like its little brother the BK50) has a silky quality, but doesn’t sacrifice microdetail. Perhaps because of the more revealing high end, these are somewhat less forgiving of poor recordings and less organic sounding than, say, the PMV or Simgot, but the K3 have better top-to-bottom integration than either. Instrument placement is very impressive; you can place each musician precisely on stage. Build is unexceptional (the metal casings seem plastic); slightly hard to drive (and best when amped), but with good isolation and excellent for extended listening. Very tip/fit dependent; can sound too lean without deep insertion/Complys.

Overall, a very good IEM; the question, as ever, is if their quality justifies the premium over the many fine <$50 models flooding the market.