Mannhas E170

Build Quality and Design

The Mannhas E170 are a small sized IEM, the design is very similar in shape to the Sony MDR-EX650. They consist of a metal bell shaped housing that is topped off with a domed plastic cap, from which the earpiece nozzles exit at a 45 degree path. The cable is lightweight, very flexible and features a single button microphone. The design is very comfortable to use although the offset angle means it’s difficult to insert the IEM deep into.

In terms of looks the E170 are pretty much identical to the Fanmusic E6 which retailed for over £50, I believe the E6 are just rebranded E170s.

Sound Quality and Overall Rating

Like the C190 the E170 have been a long term favourite of mine. Getting the right eartips is very important with the E170, I got it wrong when I first did the sound scores below I’ve now revised the graph below to reflect that. The tuning on the E170 is pretty refined, I wouldn’t say it’s flat but it doesn’t really over do any particular elements. Soundstage is above average in size although not quite as expansive as their C190 kin, imaging however is slightly better.

Overall Rating 9.1