Moni One

First of all a bit of an explanation, the Moni One are not what we’d class as a budget earphone, it’s current retail price is just below $100. So why have I reviewed in the same way I would review budget earphones? I wanted to create a benchmark, something that shows what you get for a bit more money in the Asian earphone market. Hopefully in time we’ll see a sub $50 earphone reach the same level.

Build Quality and Design

The Moni One is a simple alloy cylinder style earphone thats available in a light satin gold effect. The nozzles are fairly large and feature a prominent ridge so swapping eartips (rolling) will be easy. The earpieces have two vents, one large one on the rear of the housing and another on the narrower bit just before the nozzle. Moni supply a PVC ring to cover this hole in order to boost the bass. There’s a contrasting black metal ring that has a raised block which is where the MMCX cable attaches.

Sound Quality and Overall Rating

The Moni One have been a bit of a revelation for me, they’re tuned almost perfectly for my preference, but it’s the less tangible qualities that set these earphone apart from the budget tier. In terms of the sound signature they are impeccably balanced with boosted higher frequencies. They have a decent amount of subbass and in my opinion just the right amount of mid bass. The mids are spot on as well. Treble could be a point of contention for some but for me I love the higher energy that the Moni delivers in the upper range.

What sets the Moni apart from the budget brigade is the soundstage, imaging and clarity. It’s easy to forget that you’re listening to earphones as the soundstage and imaging draw you into the performance. The clarity is exceptional as well. So on to the scoring, these are truly a step above and in terms of their performance they do go all the way up to 11. The Moni One do justify spending the extra money.

Aproear Overall Rating 11