MusicMaker TK-13

MusicMaker TK-13— a more refined,  less brutally forceful update of the giant-sounding TK-12; slightly warmer and more V-shaped with palpably less (tho still ample) subbass and a less forward midrange, but with a similarly large, 3-D stage and careful instrument placement. Treble is slightly more rounded-off than that the TK-12 but still very detailed–drums, voices and guitars are reproduced very naturally. Note texture is likewise leaner Driver coherence is near-perfect and there is no disconnect or bleedover between frequencies. Unlike the TK-12, these appear to have a vented back, and consequently isolation isn’t as good. For my ears, these are as well-tuned as any IEM on this list and, along with the Simgot, as close to endgame as you can get at the $100 level.