Musicmaker TK12

MusicMaker TK-12—bawdy multi driver with a huge 3D soundstage and great clarity; absolutely massive sounding while remaining quite true to the source; drivers are perfectly integrated. Lots of everything—bass (at basshead level, but still punchy and free from bloat), forward, thick-textured mids and very well-extended treble which veers towards brightness, but without sharpness or sibilance. Extremely open, spacious presentation; instruments are placed very accurately with great layering. These trail only the Moni, K3 and perhaps the Vivo for detail retrieval, though there’s nothing analytical about them. Physically big, heavy and sonically a tad fatiguing, perhaps because they throw off so much sound; fans of a more refined studio monitor will find these a bit daunting, but they’re unrivalled for rawk. Isolation is above-average.