Aproear’s Specific Recommendations

  1. E-MI CI880
  2. KZ ZS5
  3. BossHiFi B3
  4. ADAX HT06
  5. Ty Hi Z G3

Other Specific Recommendations

Loomisjohnson’s Recommendations

  • E-MI CI880
  • BossHiFi B3
  • ADAX HT06
  • Urbanfun Hifi
  • Magaosi BK50

Gratuitous notes:

  1. I’m continually amazed at the speed at which Chifi is evolving, with newer, better (and typically cheaper) IEMs emerging on a seemingly daily basis. Consequently, some once-great designs from just a few years ago (the DT2 and AS20, for example) have been pushed off the top of the list by new guns like the ADAX and E-MI. That said, many of these older models retain considerable appeal, and it’s inevitably a struggle to winnow down to just five favorites.
  2. While the principals of this site and I agree on the merits of a number of phones—quality is quality—our preferences are somewhat different. Typically, I like a more energetic signature with moderately enhanced, tight low end, forward mids and sparkly treble with good extension and inner detail; instruments should be cleanly separated, though soundstage size is less critical. Above all, I listen for coherence, which is to say that drivers and frequency ranges should mesh seamlessly. At this price point, phones shouldn’t require amping to sound their best (which excludes something like the ZS5 from my top picks) and should isolate sufficiently well for all-around use.

Other Specific Recomendations