OOT – Vidal’s October

Lost On You – LP

Already established as a songsmith for the likes of Rihanna and Cher (apparently) LP popped up on Jools Holland’s Later and grabbed my attention. Not every track is great but there are some some real standouts that make the album worth a listen – Muddy Waters, Lost on You and When We’re High being my picks. A darker slice of pop with distinctive vocals and catchy choruses.

How Did We Get So Dark – Royal Blood

Loved their debut album and whilst this album has a bit too much filler it still has a few great ‘air instrument’ inducing tracks. I haven’t a clue how the just two of them manage to make such a racket especially with just drums and a bass. Best tracks have to be ‘I Only Lie When I Love You’ and ‘Lights Out’, they pretty eclipse every other track on the album.

Remember Roses – Lola Marsh

I’ve been following this Israeli band ever since I stumbled across their cover of Bjork’s Joga on Youtube (a must listen). Whilst the album isn’t quite the stripped back sound I was expecting and hoping for it’s still a grower. Yael Shoshana Cohen’s vocals are pretty striking, think Lana Del Rey with more natural talent and octave range.

Season High – Little Dragon

As usual with Little Dragon I find there’s a couple of tracks that ‘stick’ whilst others take a long time to sink in if at all. I have to keep coming back again and again until I ‘get’ tracks. This album seems harder to get into than ever. The more catchy, tuneful Celebrate and Sweet have taken, not sure if others will.



Only listened to a couple of pre-release tracks but they’ve certainly got my attention. On 13 October the whole album becomes available, impatiently waiting, till then I’ll make do with the rather excellent tasters.

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