A trip home at the weekend meant I was able to borrow these earphones back in order to give them […]

Swing IE800

Brief Conclusion The Baseus H04 are a fairly well made earphone. The earpieces themselves are half metal, half plastic with […]

Baseus H04

RBH EP-2—very nicely built, comfortable dynamic with outstanding isolation. A classic “consumer” tuning, with substantially enhanced but well-controlled, musical subbass […]


TFZ Series 5—an aggressive L-shaped DD dominated by boosted, rumbling  subbass. These are the opposite of a neutral stage monitor– […]

TFZ Series 5

Stuck in Wonderamaland – Dramarama Majordomo John Easdale had charisma and a bunch of smart, crafty Jagger/Lou Reed inspired songs, […]

More October Picks

First of all a bit of an explanation, the Moni One are not what we’d class as a budget earphone, […]

Moni One

TRINITY SABRE— refined IEM with excellent clarity; multiple nozzle, tip and cable selections are off the hook. QC is dodgy […]

Trinity Audio Phantom Sabre

FINAL AUDIO DESIGN HEAVEN III (Massdrop verion of IV)— well-tuned single BA;  balanced and fairly warm, but not lacking in […]

Final Audio Design Heaven III

PIONEER SE-CH9T—highly touted dynamic which capably walks the tricky line between being reference-revealing and consumer-fun. Comfortable, with good isolation; build […]

Pioneer SE-CH9T

MusicMaker TK-13— a more refined,  less brutally forceful update of the giant-sounding TK-12; slightly warmer and more V-shaped with palpably […]

MusicMaker TK-13

MusicMaker TW1—aesthetically pleasing, comfortable little microdriver whose signature is highly dependent on source and tips—bass, in particular can sound either […]

MusicMaker TW1

Build Quality and Design The UiiSii T8S are a dual dynamic, single BA hybrid. They’re constructed from high quality plastic […]

UiiSii T8S

Superlux HD381—cheap looking and oddly designed; the flimsy short cable w/extension cord is just silly. Fit is sorta difficult and […]

Superlux HD381

MusicMaker TK-12—bawdy multi driver with a huge 3D soundstage and great clarity; absolutely massive sounding while remaining quite true to […]

Musicmaker TK12

Vsonic VSD1S-well built and comfortable; these are a warmish  gentle V-shaped which (at least from memory) remind me overall of […]

Vsonic VSD1S

MAGAOSI K3 HD—open and airy; similar in presentation to the Fidue A73, albeit with less lowend emphasis and a slightly […]

Magaosi K3 HD

Meelectronic A161P—a discontinued model that still sounds very engaging; superb coherence and good clarity, with enough very quick low-end punch […]

Meelectronics A161P

DQSM D2 — banned on HeadFi for reasons I’ve never quite fathomed (or cared about), these closely approximate the big, […]


JVC FXT90 – (since sold)—I never quite got a handle on these; they’re certainly energetic, exciting and rich sounding, but […]


Monoprice 8320—world’s worst, most tangly cable; oddly shaped + comfort and fit are difficult. That said, these do have a […]

Monoprice 8320