PMH Hybrid

Build Quality and Design

The PMH Hybrid are a single dynamic, single BA earphone. The earpieces are constructed from metal and feature a prominent circular grille on the back, they’re very well finished and don’t have the budget feel of some earphones in the price bracket. Incidentally, these appear to be an open backed earphone and covering the vent on the back reduces the overall bass. The cable is lightweight and feels a bit flimsy despite this it’s surprisingly microphonic.

Sound Quality and Overall Rating

The PMH are unashamedly V shaped there’s a huge amount of sub-bass and strong treble, but unlike the recently reviewed DM5 it doesn’t overpower the slightly recessed mids to any significant amount. The mids have great clarity but they’re a little forgettable compared to the bass and treble. The treble is bright and there’s very little sibilance even with the brightest of tracks in my collection. As with nearly all budget hybrids clarity is good. Soundstage is above average in size and the imaging is acceptable.

These aren’t perfect but if you like a V-Shaped sound signature you could do a lot worse for the money.

Aproear Overall Rating 8.9