RBH EP-2—very nicely built, comfortable dynamic with outstanding isolation. A classic “consumer” tuning, with substantially enhanced but well-controlled, musical subbass and voluminous midbass which does not bleed over into the clear, pushed-back midrange. Slightly bright high end is also quite emphasized, crisp and very detailed but can get harsh or metallic at louder volumes and percussion can sound more reproduced than live. Soundstage seems to be of average width, but has good height and depth; imaging is okay and instruments are uncongested, though these could stand to be a bit more open and spacious-sounding. Overall, these have good clarity and are a bit out of balance—both the highs and lows sound somewhat over-EQ’d and unnaturally “digital;” your ears tend to focus on the juiced-up ends of the spectrum rather than on the entire presentation. The EP-2 do work well at lower volumes and will harbor considerable appeal for fans of bass-heavy genres. However, they’re overpriced at the $179 SRP, as their Chifi competitors offer more refined tuning at a lower price.