RHA MA-750

RHA MA750i—Upgraded for  superior build quality, design and packaging, though these just make the cut sonically. Comfortable despite the heavy metal casings, with fairly good isolation. Soundwise, pleasant but not first-rate—a warm, somewhat dark-sounding L-shape with enhanced, impactful, well controlled bass, rich-textured mids and smooth treble which is somewhat lacking in extension and sparkle. Drums and guitar strings are slightly unnatural-sounding. Quite tip-sensitive—foams seem to provide the best combination of bass impact and high-end detail; also more impressive when amped. Soundstage is fairly wide and instrument separation good, but the prominent low end gives a slight veil to the rest of the spectrum—these lack the openness and clarity of many of the foregoing, generally much cheaper Chifi models, although the RHA (like the similarly-positioned Sennheiser Momentum) are very pleasant for extended listening.