Shozy Zero

I sheepishly bought these on the basis of all the hype and was initially underwhelmed, perhaps because these are a warmer, less aggressive, more “audiophile-sounding” piece than more forward faves like the TK12 or DQSM. With further listening, their virtues emerge—they’re well-balanced; bass is ample and controlled, without bleed, and the high end, though smoothed-over, presents good detail. They’re also very comfortable and easy to fit, though build quality is nothing special and microphonics are terrible. What they aren’t is much fun—they’re better for contemplation than for rocking out—albeit they sound better the louder they’re played. These also sound a bit small to me, with a narrow (though not congested) soundstage.

From a value standpoint, for my idiosyncratic taste, at $50-60 these aren’t as essential as some of my $15-40 favorites. Since sold.