Simgot EN700 Bass

Simgot EN700 Bass – lavishly packaged and beautifully built, albeit with a super-tangly (though ergonomic and microphonic-free) memory cable. Tonality is warm, smooth and enveloping; notes have a lot of body and soundstage is  wide and uncongested, though relatively low in height; instruments are clearly separated and precisely placed. Their “Bass” designation notwithstanding, these are actually more balanced in approach, which is to say that the low end, while voluminous and fairly deep, isn’t emphasized away from the other frequencies; bass also manages considerable throb without bloat. Thick-textured midrange is tubey and euphonic, with good energy, while treble is likewise full-bodied, glare-free and very natural sounding. Comparable sets like the Magaosi K3 or Kinera H3 present more high end information and micro-detail (the Simgot being more rounded off on top), but these are also less clinical and perhaps less exhausting. In general these remind me a lot of the PMV, which have a similar spacious, natural character, though the Simgot has better-tuned bass.

A great IEM which approximates the experience of a pricey open-backed over-ear headphone.