Swing IE800

A trip home at the weekend meant I was able to borrow these earphones back in order to give them a review.

Brief Conclusion

The Swing IE800 differ fairly substantially from the Tingo IE800 by being less of a blatant copy, these simply borrow the earpiece shell design and there’s no attempt to fool you into thinking these are the genuine article with Sennheiser logos. The cable is your standard snakeskin style affair but if differs from the Tingo version by being lighter and a little cheaper feeling. The upside of this different cable is the addition of a plastic microphone with a slightly garish red button. In terms of sound the Swing are slightly more balanced than their Tingo namesakes, imaging, clarity and placement is on par but you get slightly (very slightly) less sub bass and treble.

Overall I prefer the build quality and visual appearance of the Tingos and in terms of the sound there’s not enough difference to justify getting the Swing on this basis. These are still very good earphones and I’d recommend them if you can’t find the Tingo ones.

Aproear Overall Rating 9.0

Second Opinion by Headfier Loomisjohnson

Tingo IE800 (Swing IE800)unjustly overlooked Senn knockoffs; a sparkly, treble-forward sound which is as transparent, extended and detailed as almost anything I own, including BAs; downgraded only for a slightly thin-textured (tho quite deep) bass which isn’t as etched as the high end. Abundant energy; imaging/instrument placement is great. Compared to the outstanding Senfer DT2/DT2+ hybrids (my seller claimed the this IEM has Senfer-made drivers), these present a smaller, more intimate stage and have a less punchy low end, though they actually match up quite well over the rest of the spectrum. Small and comfortable, though isolation isn’t great. I’d be curious to compare these $13 wonders to the real thing.