Tennmak Dulcimer

Build Quality and Design

Well made earphones which come in two finishes, all black and a slightly garish silver and red version. The cable is a flat noodle style affair which is something I detest, yes the cable is harder to tangle but it just ruins the whole feel of the earphones in doing so. The rest of the design is pretty standard nothing new here. (These probably would have been high 8s if it wasn’t for that flat cable.)

Sound Quality and Overall Rating

The Dulcimers have a reputation for being a basshead IEM, I didn’t find that to be the case. Compared to the Tennmak Banjos which I tested at the same time these were much more balanced. The mids are slightly recessed but not to the extent that the upper bass overpowers them. Treble is precise with very little sibilance. Unless you’re a basshead these are a better bet than the overblown bass Banjos or the Pros with their excessive mid bass.

Aproear Overall Rating 8.1

Second Opinion by Headfier Loomisjohnson

Tennmak Dulcimer – a well tuned, forward basshead signature; very detailed despite their huge, thick (though controlled) bass presence; crystal clear and uncolored throughout, with only a slight high-end sibilance at higher volumes distinguishing them from much pricier IEMs. Bass is actually tighter and better articulated than the (slightly) pricier Pros or Pianos, although soundstage is considerably smaller. Light, comfortable and easy to drive. A classic example of price/performance gone awry.