TFZ Series 5

TFZ Series 5—an aggressive L-shaped DD dominated by boosted, rumbling  subbass. These are the opposite of a neutral stage monitor– low end is enveloping and engaging but goes too deep to retain much precision and seems to be recessed in the midbass region (the subsequent Exclusive 5 model allegedly presents more midbass). Midrange is full-bodied and warm, while treble is likewise warm and smooth, while still retaining a good amount of detail and  a surprisingly natural quality. Instruments are clearly separated, though fairly wide stage doesn’t have a lot of depth. Although easy to drive, they benefit considerably from amping—bass tightens and treble becomes more prominent. Build and comfort are good; isolation is average. Overall effect of these is to simulate hearing a loud band at a small, raucous club. Despite they’re not being my preferred signature, I’ve enjoyed these a lot–if you can get one around $50 they’re a  worthy, energizing piece for bass-heavy material–though compared to price peers like the Pioneer SE-CH9T, K3 or Moni, they lack refinement.