Thinksound TS-02

Thinksound TS02—light, very comfortable and easy-to-drive woody; isolation is below average because of vented shells.  Tonality is warm and syrupy, with thick- noted texture; signature is mostly balanced but with enhanced, somewhat intrusive subbass which has palpable rumble but lacks control and precision. Mids are rich and forward (acoustic music is well-presented); treble is smooth and somewhat laid-back;  not highly extended or detailed but reasonably natural-sounding. lmaging and layering are impressive; performers are placed accurately on a deep, three-dimensional stage. These are quite pleasant for casual use, though less less transparent/revealing than higher-rated ChFi sets. Among my other DD woodies, the similar-sounding, $20 DZAT DF-10 shows better high end resolution, while the $50 Shozy Zero has tighter, better-tuned bass and is more refined overall; hybrids like the BK50 and B3 perform on a substantially higher plane.