Tinaudio T2

Build Quality and Design

The Tinaudio T2 are a dual dynamic earphone with a detachable MMCX cable. The build quality of the T2 is pretty exceptional, the earpieces have probably the best build quality I’ve seen. They have attractive gunmetal finish. The cable is a braided multi-wire affair with what appears to be a silver plated finish, it’s terminated with a gold/carbon fibre finished jack plug. I couldn’t resist unscrewing the plug to take a look inside – the soldering looks to be hand finished and to a very high standard as well.

Sound Quality and Overall Rating

The Tinaudio have a sound signature that I love. They’re a bright earphone but they also have decent amount of sub-bass which means they have a deep thump when called upon (e.g. Massive Attack – Angel) but mid bass is held in check and the mids have a weight to them that’s missing from some of the newer hybrids. This means the vocals are warm and a little more ‘real’ when compared to the KZ ZS5 for instance. The presentation however is a little more intimate than the ZS5 which have a huge soundstage, these don’t feel closed in though. The better build quality and more realistic vocals offsets this and I really can’t pick which I prefer so I’m sitting on the fence and giving them the same score.

Aproear Overall Rating 9.7