Trinity Audio Phantom Sabre

TRINITY SABRE— refined IEM with excellent clarity; multiple nozzle, tip and cable selections are off the hook. QC is dodgy (faulty mic, casings coming unglued). Like most, I’ve settled on the orange or yellow filters, which give it a generally balanced signature, albeit with moderately enhanced, well-integrated bass, though these remain coherent w/different filters. Tonally quite neutral (with a slight warmth in the upper bass region); mids are lively and very accurate, while treble is crisp and detailed if not super-extended. Note texture is lean—these are drier and not as rich sounding as the Delta; soundstage width is about average, though height is limited (you’re conscious of listening in an enclosed space). Instrument placement is good, if not as pinpoint-accurate as the Monis or even some KZs. I rate these  a tad under the TK13 and the D2, both of which have more fullness, drive and character, tho the Sabre sound more audiophile/reference. Very comfortable and easy to drive; isolation is about average.