UiiSii T8S

Build Quality and Design

The UiiSii T8S are a dual dynamic, single BA hybrid. They’re constructed from high quality plastic and have a high quality feel, the same quality feel you get with most UiiSii earphones. The cable has low microphonics and comes with a 3 button remote/microphone. The earpieces themselves are quite large but I didn’t have a problem with fit, the angle of the nozzle helped.

Sound Quality and Overall Rating

I had hoped the addition of a balanced armature driver would lift the T8S above the rather low sonic quality level I’ve found most similarly styled dual dynamics sit at. It was misplaced hope, the T8S succumb to the same mid bass boominess that affects all the breed (that I’ve tried at least). There maybe something for bassheads or people who have an affinity for v-shaped earphones though. There’s no shortage of detail in the higher frequencies and the mids are present if a little recessed and buried in the boom. Clarity is excellent but the soundstage didn’t seem particularly wide and imaging wasn’t well defined. All in all these are not an earphone I enjoyed listening to, in fact they ended up giving me a headache, one for bassheads only.

Aproear Overall Rating 7.1