Vivo XE800

Build Quality and Design

I really dislike the cable on these earphones, it’s like the one you’d find on a pair of Apple Earbuds. It’s a bit flimsy and the mic/control button feels a bit cheap as well. The finish of the earpieces themselves is much better, they have a real quality about them. They are part metal, part high gloss plastic and are fitted together seamlessly. They feature metal rotating nozzles, allowing you to adjust their position to get the ideal fit and seal in your ears. Once the Vivo’s are in your ears you’ll probably forget they’re there. Overall a mixed bag.

Sound Quality and Overall Rating

The XE800 are much revered by a large number of people but I knew even before giving them a go that their sound would not to be my taste. I can hear why people rate them so highly, but their neutral to slightly mid-forward sound signature isn’t something I enjoy. The slight lack of bass and (relatively) rolled off treble just means that the XE800 doesn’t entertain me. If you’re searching for a neutral pair of earphones these would make an ideal purchase. Please see the note about fake XE800s at the foot of the page.

Aproear Overall Rating 7.6

Second Opinion by Headfier Loomisjohnson

VIVO XE800 — these jumped to the top right out of the box. I’d describe the overall signature as “vivid” and crisp–treble is energetic, extremely detailed and quite forward; bright and not at all smoothed over. There is a hint of sibilance. mids are also crisp/detailed and a bit back in the mix; there is very fast tight lowend, mostly heard as subbass, though not a lot of midbass presence or texture–these aren’t basshead or heavy rockers, and they can sound anemic with certain dense material. Cymbals, drums, acoustic guitars all sound very sharply etched and almost more-real-than-memorex. fans of a more neutral or warm/smooth sound will find these too much. I generally prefer, for example, the DT2 or Urbanfun which have more midbass texture, but these Vivo are refined and impressive in their own right and are quite exceptional on certain material. Build is fragile, though comfort is excellent.

Are your XE800s genuine?

Unfortunately it’s becoming increasingly common that Aliexpress sellers are selling fake XE800s, you can avoid the fakes by buying from a reputable seller like Penon Audio although there is a slight premium for the piece of mind. Some sellers were selling the genuine article but have now switched to selling the fakes, the following Aliexpress sellers are known to be selling fake XE800s (list will be updated).

  • Miss Shirley Professional 3C Team

How to check if you’re Vivo’s are the real deal?

  1. The sound, the Vivo’s are fairly neutral there shouldn’t a lot of bass. The fakes have too much bass and it’s not good bass either.
  2. The nozzles should move, they might be stiff at first (some fakes also have moving nozzles)
  3. The nozzle itself should have a clip that looks like this: –