Zero Audio Carbo Tenore

Zero Audio Carbo Tenore-tiny, super comfortable and sleekly built, despite a frail-looking cable; the absence of a mic and relative inefficiency is puzzling for such consumer fare. Isolation is vg. Bassier and more l-shaped than expected, with a somewhat flabby subbass and noticeable bleed into the otherwise well-textured mids. High end is brightish, sparkly and energetic but can be sharp/fatiguing at higher volumes; detail is good but not great.  Soundstage has good height but fairly narrow; imaging is only fair and instruments lack a bit of space. Widely touted in their day as the supreme giant-killer (including ridiculous overpraise in The Verge).

Progress has marched on—current faves like the Bosshifi B3, E-Mi and Adax have better clarity and coherence for less $$. A nice collection piece nonetheless, esp. if comfort is a priority.